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Ever the Best Policy:
Caveat emptor
"let the buyer beware"

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”
~ Dalai Lama XIV
kudos Eric M.

Know the Cancellation Policy

Private or Facilitated Shuttling

With 24 hours notification, all is well, no harm no foul ... au revoir!

    • With less than 24 hours notification, the agreed upon rate will be charged in full.

Que pasa - being considerate, by communicating, nullifies unnecessary aggravation-for all concerned. A seat, or an entire vehicle, is being set aside at your request; imagine how put-out you'd be if we didn't show up!
(...and really, even if you don't have a cell phone -highly unlikely- someone in the next stall is chatting why was it -make it believable now- you could not touch base to cancel?)

Our Newest Policy

Re: Sandberg Time Poem

Jessica's Vital Transit Newest Policy
~ The following, has nothing whatsoever, to do with flight delays ~

We really hate to have to implement this policy we are a small business providing car & van service, whose business model is predicated upon providing scheduled appointment service in order to maximize the use of our available time; please be apprised that as of Dec. 1, 2015 we must, and shall, begin charging waiting time -i.e., any portion of a quarter hour(s) will be charged as the whole- beginning 5 minutes after the time the appointment was scheduled to depart the scheduled location: home, office, etc. As we are rountinely pre-punctual, we really don't mind altering your operators schedule to accommodate on short notice, as long as we're being paid for the time (for which we all are being inconvenienced in order to reorganize on the fly).

This policy only applies to arrivals who decide to stop unannounced for a beverage, and/or food, within either of the arrival security areas. Specifically, once your flight crew exits the security area, waiting time begins. Again, any portion of a quarter hour(s) will be charged as the whole. The applicable rate is $15 per quarter hour.

Event Management

Reunions, Weddings, Conferences, Corporate Day name it, we'll arrange it!

  • We happily coordinate transportation involving 10's or multiples of 100's; thereby relieving our client of the majority of the inevitable aggravation, associated with herding cats.
  • The outcome will be that you, family members, and/or your staff will be relieved from all the tedious organizational chores: beginning to end; while allowing those that need be in the informational loop the ability to easily look over our shoulder, e.g., to ease their mind that say, forgetful Aunt Mae is in fact scheduled to be in attendance.
  • Our management will diminish your guests, and/or company transportation costs; to say nothing of the hair loss.
  • References available.
  • Terms are project specific.

Acts of God

We're not unreasonable. As long as you make a reasonable effort to communicate with us, we're not going to charge a Cancellation Fee apart from the reasons delineated above. However! don't tell us your flight was cancelled when you really caught a ride with a pal. Keep in mind, we flight track as a matter of course, so we're going to know whether we're being scammed and such designs will be charged accordingly.

Food & Beverages

Regrettably -without prior arrangement- Food and Beverage Consumption are prohibited in our vehicles without a cleaning deposit. Excepting infants, of course.
(why anyone would think they've ordered a rolling cafeteria, with seats that double as hand wiping stations is beyond us).

You guarantee payment, We guarantee service.
Your Visa/MasterCard/Discover will not be charged until service is rendered.

Much to our dismay, the demands of progress seem to have made the once venerable Honor System largely passe. As a result reservations need be guaranteed by credit card. However, cash payment will be gratefully accepted at time of service(a few extra percentage points kept in-house, is always a help).

For the 'Net leery in the Continental US, we'd be pleased to contact you by telephone in order to obtain your credit card information. Simply indicate a day, a 2-3 hour window of availability, including time zone and we'll be in-touch.

Booking Considerations

We would encourage you to book your transportation with us immediately following the confirmation of your airline reservations, especially if you would prefer Shared Service. With airline itinerary in hand, you are but one communication removed from completing all your necessary travel arrangements(relative to Vermont). Weeks, or months in advance, makes it easier for us to work in your behalf.

Additional Considerations

Please apprise us of any information that will allow us best serve you: e.g., if have bicycle(s), you need child seats, have inordinate baggage, need physical assistance or a low entrance vehicle, need stop en route, having a wheel chair handy would be helpful, the best time to contact you, etc.

Restoration Cleaning Deposit(s)

Normally, this doesn't come into play and will be discussed prior to the sort of charters where it tends to be a problem.



It's our habit to maintain our new vehicles well into maturity. Hey why not, this isn't a fleet operation and we treat our ponies kindly. We operate:

    • Recently Retired - 2005 Toyota Sienna, outfitted for 7 and baggage
    • 2006 white Chevy Express 3500 Maxi Van, outfitted for 10(rather than 14) plus baggage
    • NEW - black Suburban Z71 4WD
    • COMING SOON - NEW - white Chevy Express 3500 Maxi Van
    • Child and Booster Seats Available upon request
    • our Cooperative Colleagues operate a variety of well maintained vehicles; or we wouldn't work with them.

Payment Options

Although a credit card is necessary in order to secure a reservation, alternate means of payment are acceptable at time of service. Do let us know in advance if you are of a mind to make payment other than with your credit card so that we can be apprised -if need be- of the current rates of exchange.

Acceptable Options: Cash(US, Canadian, £), Travelers Cheques, or Visa/MC/Discover.

For the 'Net leery in the Continental US, simply contact us by telephone.

Service On Account

Our terms are fairly standard. Contact us, and we'll discuss what might be arranged.

Rates & everything else

... throughout this site, are subject to change without notice(despite our best efforts to keep everything herein current). E.g., please contact us if you see petrol prices going haywire again. We only raise our rates when we absolutely must!

Rephrased, direct communication with us amounts to the final word.

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